During the last term of my bachelors degree I, together with ten other people, worked on Project Lifeline, a first person parkour game set in a dystopian Cyberpunk setting.
Drawing heavy influences from games like Mirror's Edge, Project Lifeline features a mix of easy to learn parkour mechanics paired with a rope swinging aspect that helps to traverse the game's level.  Featuring a true first person character, this was the most complex and time-consuming project of mine up to that point.

This was the first time I worked with the Unreal Engine, allowing me to learn a new game engine, further developing my skills in game development. Originally only planning to work as a project lead and programmer, I later took care of many things that came up and weren't somebody's exact job to do. This way I touched most aspects of the games, like iterating over level design for example or discussing UI with our designer.

Working on Project Lifeline enabled me to learn more of what it means to manage and communicate with a team of multiple people. This project also taught  me a lot about the approaches different engines use to build games, coming from a mostly Unity or Unity inspired based workflow.
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